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leave every space a little more beautiful. 


01    1:1 Consulting

Our consulting services works to help relieve some of the decision fatigue that occurs when designing a space. 

Our consultation services can advise with:  
  • Styling (art, objects, sofas, surfaces, etc.) 

  • Furniture/decor options and arranging

  • Paint/wall treatments and drapery

  • Floor plan layout ideas

  • Organizational strategies & solutions 

  • Stores and brands for sourcing

  • Garden advisement 

1:1 Video Consultation 


1:1 In Person Consultation



02 Photo & Video Styling

As a props stylist, Robin understands how critical it is to focus on all the little things. Roses on Adelaide styling services will enhance the aesthetics of the scene to capture the space, product, or person as beautifully as possible. Robin has worked nearly a decade props styling for feature films & television, extending into the world of art directing commercials and photoshoots for interior designers & brands. 

03 Rentals

Roses on Adelaide's inventory is carefully curated and handpicked to encompass a wide variety of tabletop and decorative items, incorporating a blend of contemporary, rustic, vintage, handmade ceramics, and artisanal pieces. Weekly additions of new props ensure a constantly evolving selection, with a dedicated emphasis on refined and elevated style.

Contact us directly for access & pricing of our inventory. 

Digital Inventory Collection Coming Soon...
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