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Our Philosophy

Have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt a sense of calm? Or somewhere else that left you feeling excited or invigorated? That's because the spaces we engage with influence our mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional health. In fact, studies are revealing that there is an overwhelming connection between our environments and well-being. Moreover, the objects we integrate into a space have the ability to tell stories. Stories about you, stories about your client, stories about the world around us. 

Roses on Adelaide is founded on the belief that we all deserve to be inspired. That every story is a story worthy to be told. 

Our Founder

Robin Daprato's passion for curating, honed through her experience as a props stylist and set decorator in the film and television industry since 2017, has seamlessly translated into the world of interior styling. Her expertise in working with props and styling spaces to convey compelling narratives has been a cornerstone of her career. In 2020, Robin initiated the Roses on Adelaide Instagram account as a platform to express her adoration for design, art, and architecture.

As her reputation grew, Robin found herself increasingly sought after to lend her styling expertise to diverse projects, spanning rental homes, photoshoots, and weddings. Simultaneously, her personal time became dedicated to crafting her family's Airstream, engaging in DIY projects, and immersing herself in the world of design. It was on a crisp fall morning that Robin awakened to the realization that she needed to fully commit to her calling, leading her to establish her own interior & prop styling business.

Robin's work has garnered recognition, with features in Refinery29, Apartment Therapy, and The Ottawa Citizen. Her journey as a film industry professional to a flourishing entrepreneur showcases her dedication to the art of styling and her innate ability to create visually stunning and narrative-rich spaces.

why Roses is different...




I also understand that each of my clients has unique needs. No matter how big or small the project, Roses tailors design solutions specific to each client. 

If details were a love language, it would be mine. I believe it is the little things that breath life into a space. No detail is spared for our clients. 

 For me, design goes beyond the frivolity of beautiful things. I believe that our environment can change our state of being and inspire growth.

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