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The Aesthetic Edition: Italian Summers

I don't know about you, but often I find myself drawn to a country, city, or town in a specific season and I go on to obsessively consume all the art, food, design, architecture, music and culture of that place.

I wanted to start this series as an escape from the day to day into the magic and wonder of these special pockets of the world. This series will take the form of a photo journal because in the case of these places, a picture truly speaks a thousand words.

I can't imagine starting it any other way than with Italian summers.

It is the place I dream of when falling asleep and the aesthetic I aspire to achieve from June to August. From Under the Tuscan Sun to Call Me By Your Name, I have watched countless Italian scaped movies and have made more pizzas than I care to admit. I truly am here for everything Italian this summer.

Picture the refreshing coastal breeze, or a fresh bowl of pasta in Florence, or plunging into Lake Como, or wandering through the storied architecture. AND we cannot possibly forget the gelato...and the pizza. Oh, the pizza!!

So without further ado...


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