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My Favourite Things: January 2024

AS WE ENTER THE FIRST MONTH OF A NEW YEAR, another winter, spring, summer, and fall has come and go.

It's already almost 2024 and the experience of time will never stop feeling like a strange, mysterious illusion. It is both fast and slow; where so much can happen, yet you blink and you have gotten older, learnt new lessons, and lived a little bit more.

Time is also an important reminder that we must not only cherish the highlights, but relish in those slow, seemingly unremarkable moments. Something I have been increasingly enjoying has been doing my blogposts. After completing my English MA

and basically going into a job that was

strictly "hands on" work, I didn't realize how much I missed words and the task of untangling the floating ideas in my mind.

Not everything needs to be extravagant and these quiet moments of just writing and letting my mind explore have been ones I unknowingly have grown to love and look forward to. I have specifically enjoyed doing my quarterly "Aesthetic Editions" where I spend a few hours daydreaming of those magical places around the world. Because I loved that series so much, I thought it would be fun to introduce some more regular posts.

The next in the rotation is called “My Favourite Things.” This will be a regular round up of books, art, decor, and everything in between that has been lingering rent free in my mind. Some are products I use and love, others are ones I am wanting or admiring.

Others may be artists or music or

movies or shows inspiring me.

Perhaps this is a little too close after the holidays, but maybe you can bookmark some of these as future gift ideas for yourself or those special people in your life.




these are a few of


I feel it is a bi-annual tradition for me to become obsessed with wallpaper. This time I can't stop pinning and swooning over these European-inspired vintage landscape wallpapers. I also feel as if bi-annually I want to completely change around my whole house and it seems this time the two have compounded and I may need to change around at least one of my rooms centered on this wallpaper, so stay tuned!

This book is absolutely everything I want from a coffee table book. Ornate European architecture paired with gorgeous landscapes, this beautifully illustrated volume recounts the fabulous history of Château de Bagatelle and its various owners, with spectacular new photography, unpublished archival documents, and insightful text. This is the most recent edition to my long list of coffee table books I need.

After painstakingly hunting for retailers (it doesn't ship to Canada) my dear friend was able to pick me up No.1 & No.2 Branche from Pop Up Grocer in New York and boy it did not disappoint. I needed the bottles for a photoshoot, so unfortunately I HAD to finish every last drop of the olive oil and it was every bit as delicious as the bottles are gorgeous.

If you know me, you know that perhaps the only "celebrity" I would actually freak out if I met, is my Queen Athena Calderone. I truly feel that anything she touches turns to something more beautiful and special than you could have ever imagined. So, I have loved this sideboard for a while now, but I have fallen even more in love with it recently as I have been looking for a new bar cabinet. My dream is to basically have this exact furniture piece in terms of design, but as a bar cabinet, so if I have any master carpenter friends, please don't hesitate to deliver me a late Christmas present, xoxo.

I love these PJs and have wanted them from the moment I laid eyes on them last year. I normally give myself a grace period of a month to see if I still really want something and this has now been a year, so it must mean I really have to get them now.

Similarly to the rest of the world, I have a renewed obsession with marble & stone chess & checker sets. This tic tac toe set, however, hits a little different. I love the size of it, the colour tones of the pieces & I also love tic tac toe, which is a definite added bonus. This is the perfect little decor piece to elevate a coffee or side table.

I finally found the perfect table lamp that I've been searching for to add to my shopping list. With its sleek design and a blend of modern and traditional, I feel this lamp can seamlessly complements so many different styles and corners of homes. This is another perfect piece on my shopping list for my inevitable apartment revamp.

As an avid puzzle enthusiast, the allure of a challenging yet captivating puzzle is always irresistible. The "Night, 500 Piece Puzzle" has become a coveted addition to my shopping wishlist. The subtle change in the gradient will inevitably be a satisfying challenge for my puzzle-solving passion. Imagining the serene scene taking shape piece by piece makes this puzzle a perfect choice for cozy nights.

I have to admit, I love a dramatic art deco moment. This chair is the moment. It is neutral enough while also having some drama and character that make it kind of the perfect armchair. I have been on the hunt for statement armchairs for the past little while because, as mentioned previously, I am considering doing a living room overhaul and this chair is at the top of my list.

Another aspect of my identity that has developed into a minor obsession over the years is my love for the wonderful game of golf. My biggest qualm with golf, however, is how UGLY all golf accessories and equipment is. Modest Vintage Player is one of the few companies out there trying to rectify this issue and these golf tees are an absolutely perfect example of such. MVP has other super cute, vintage inspired sporting equipment, so I definitely would recommend checking them out, but I am still strongly debating starting my very own golf accessory and apparel company...because I definitely think I need something else on my plate.

I don't have much more to say than this is my absolute favourite hat I have ever bought and I get so many compliments on it and I have basically worn it everyday since buying it a month ago. I am obsessed and will remember this as a perfect gift item for everybody in the future. This hat is perfection.

Every time Joy Kinna shares a new piece of art, I fall more in love with it than her last. For some reason this print is so captivating for me and I desperately want to find a spot to have it in my home. Joy Kinna has so many amazing pieces and you would truly be missing out if you didn't check her out.

I met with Sylwia Rebelo earlier this fall and we immediately connected and talked about art, design and architecture for hours over coffee. I also am absolutely obsessed with all her art and this specific embroidered piece Bloom III. She is such a talent and I am so excited to watch her grow and for more people to learn and discover her incredible works.

Oh, Patti, my affection for you knows no bounds. This literary work follows suit, presenting itself as a profoundly touching and exceptionally distinctive visual compilation for the days of the year. Comprising over 365 images and reflections, the book delineates Smith's unique aesthetic, drawing inspiration from her immensely popular Instagram presence.

Patti does no wrong and this book is further evidence of such.

I have yet to try the much-lauded skincare product that has become a cult favourite over the past few years, but it seems that everyone else has and is obsessed. April Gargiulo, the founder, drew inspiration from the unwavering commitment she observed in her family's Napa Valley winemaking venture. Over the course of two years, she meticulously developed the brand's inaugural product: the transformative Active Botanical Serum. Renowned for its results-oriented approach, the brand employs a proprietary Phyto Radiance infusion, a labor-intensive process that captures the essence of whole-plant botanicals.

BASICALLY, I am ordering this next time I decide it's time to treat myself.

Earning recognition on TikTok, this is not merely a basic accessory; it stands out as the quintessential luxury scarf that bestows upon the winter essential the esteem it rightly deserves. Embraced by the fashion industry, as evidenced by perusing street-style captures from recent fashion weeks, it serves as a distinctive accessory. As I close in my list, I realize I have a hefty shopping list for myself.

Loafers can be styled with just about anything – and that is an item in your closet you can't look past. They pair exceptionally well with jeans and a blazer, but they're just as great at grounding a slinky winter dress or a simple white button-down. I love these L'Intervalle loafers that I just bought and they didn't break the bank which is great considering everything else I have on my shopping list here!

In the realm of Toronto design, Montana Labelle reigns as the indisputable queen, and my love for her and her creations is beyond. The Loki Bowl, in particular, stands as another testament to her extraordinary talent. Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship, this exquisite bowl is shaped from a distinctive slab of Jade Green Marble, adding a touch of luxury to any space.

As I write this, I think about how style is not just about what you wear or bring in your home; it's a reflection of your unique personality and evolving sense of self. Whether you've found a new wardrobe staple, a decor piece, or a self-care gem that brings tranquility to your routine, each choice contributes to the powerful act of romanticizing your life and working towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Call it frivolous, call it superficial, but I believe to my core the things we surround ourselves with have the ability to transform our understanding and relationship to the world around us.


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