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Robin’s reading was perfectly on point! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. New to Tarot, I was impressed with how professionally she conducted our reading; explaining each card in a knowledgeable and insightful way. This is the perfect gift for the person who may have everything!

Julie H.

I absolutely loved my Tarot experience with Robin. It was comfortable, enlightening, and fun! Robin is incredibly articulate and extremely knowledgeable about Tarot. I would recommend a reading to anyone who is looking to gain some insight into any area of their lives, or simply looking to have some fun!

Emma B. 

My Tarot experience with Robin was the first I had ever had and I found it to be fascinating. I highly recommend Robin to anyone who has always been curious about Tarot. Robin is warm, engaging and deeply insightful. The experience was both fun and thought provoking!

Meena P.

Robin is a talented and spirited reader, and her passion for both tarot and helping others is apparent within the first few moments of a session. A true professional, she made me feel comfortable and heard, and provided valuable insight into my life. I would highly recommend Robin to others!

Augusta L.

I have to admit I was nervous to receive a Tarot reading, but Robin immediately set me at ease. Her approach is gentle, and yet it brought me to many eye-opening moments, that I know will be transformational. She knows her stuff, including the psychology of the subconscious mind, which brings her reading to a level where you can feel the spirit and mind meeting.

I walked out of my tarot session with Robin, feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on a new year! There had been lots on my mind as we stepped into 2021, many big changes on the horizon. Everything she presented me with hit home, it was incredible how in tune with me she was. I would recommend her readings to absolutely everyone!! 

Nadia S.

Cornelia A.

My experiences with Robin’s tarot readings have been insightful and inspiring. I was new to tarot and curious about it, and I really appreciated Robin’s laid-back yet knowledgeable approach. She takes her time to explain each card, how it applies to your situation, and checks in with you along the way. I now see tarot as a useful self-exploration tool and I’m excited to keep digging deeper. I’m glad I took notes during the readings—I still refer back to them! 

Kelly D.

 I really appreciated the Tarot reading I had with Robin. Her approach was very sensible and kind. She took the time to explain clearly her method and the significance of the cards. We shared a very interesting moment and the indications that were released from the spread were very positive and energizing. I’m often re-reading the notes I’ve written after our session and it always has this magical effect to cheer me up : )  

Caroline D.

Phoebe and I were delighted to have the opportunity to do a tarot card reading with Robin. Her warm presence and maturity made it easy to engage with her. She has remarkable insight. Her knowledge of the cards and intuition helped us discover a road map for 2021 and highlighted the strengths we have to follow it. And we had fun doing it!

Martha L.

I gifted my friend and myself a double tarot card reading with Robin for Christmas and it was awesome! Not only was it a fun thing for us to do together, but Robin did a great job helping us understand what our cards meant for us and it was such a good experience. Will definitely want to do it again! 

Erin L.

Tarot with Robin was incredible! Her intuition, positive energy, and effortless ease made the experience so much more than I was expecting. Robin checked in with you every step of the process to make sure the experience was fulfilling in a way that you desired. I learned so much about myself, made new discoveries, and had an incredible afternoon. Also, her home is immediately inviting and full of stunning details to put you right at ease. I talked about the experience with friends for weeks after. 10/10 recommend!

Lindsey M.

My partner recently celebrated her 40th birthday and as part of our online celebrations with friends, Robin did readings for each couple that joined us. It was a wonderful experience for my partner and our friends. Robin was easy to work with in organizing the schedule of readings for the evening, was prepared when the evening kicked off and was very accommodating throughout. Everyone found her approachable, relatable and spot on with their readings. It was a pleasure to have her join us that evening and we'd highly recommend the experience to others. 

Sina T.

I  had the pleasure of having a  tarot card reading from Robin. I immediately connected to her authentic, nurturing energy and her open heart. Her reading of each card  profoundly met me and reflected exactly where I  am at at this point in my journey.  The whole experience left me feeling deeply connected to my own divinity and to trust that the universe is gently nudging me along  to a place of deep healing. 

Dollie N.

I recently enjoyed a reading from Robin. My only other "fortune-telling" experience took place thirty years ago--it was a disaster. Since then, I've had no interest in doing it again, but a friend gave me a reading as a Christmas gift. As it turns out, it was one of the best gifts of the season. Robin's cheerful nature, throaty laugh and keen awareness created a great environment. I was part of a larger group reading and I suddenly realized that this could go horribly wrong with everyone watching as I heard details of my past, present and future described to the entire group. Robin dealt the cards and looked at them intensely. She tweaked out the meaning and presented me with connections I'd never considered. Not only was it a good experience for me, it was a bonding experience for our group. I've already recommended her to others and I will ask her to do another reading. Highly recommended.

Peter N.

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