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Roses on Adelaide is a tarot reading service dedicated to providing its clients with a transformational experience that fosters spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

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About Me


My name is Robin Daprato and I am a Toronto-based certified tarot reader. When I discovered the art of tarot, it was like the blindfolds had been lifted and I could see clearly what was missing from my personal wellness journey.


Tarot has taught me how to navigate through some of life's most difficult moments and I am excited to help you on your own journey to unveil your full potential. 

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Roses on Adelaide is a tarot reading service dedicated to providing its clients with a transformational experience that fosters spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Tarot Offerings

 The Hero’s Journey: 1 Hour Private Session ($60.00) 

'The Hero’s Journey’ is for those who are looking to take control of their destiny and pave a path towards a brighter future. As the most comprehensive offering, you will be provided with a robust reading that delves deep and looks at ways you can empower yourself to become the hero of your journey. It is about looking into your subconscious, the shadows of your past and the light of the future to help unveil what is important to focus on in this chapter of your life. During this session, I will be helping you find tangible ways to unveil what you need to activate internally to become the most powerful version of yourself. Each client and every session will be completely tailored to the unique personality, energy, and spirit that you bring into the session.

The Wheel of Fortune:  35 Minute Private Session ($40.00) 

‘The Wheel of Fortune’ is designed for those who have a more specific question or focus they want to bring forward during their session. Whether you want to focus on questions about love, career, family, health or happiness this will be a session dedicated to whatever it is that is weighing on your heart at the moment. During this session, it is important to come with an intention regarding what it is you want to achieve and focus on in order for it to be as powerful as possible.

Private Parties/Corporate Events

I love doing events! Tarot can be an incredible team building exercise, a fun activity at parties, and a way to open the door for a new dialogue within a group. I have done events ranging from relationship readings to corporate team building to creative writing workshops. However, each event is always quite different from the last, so if you are interested in having me attend a particular event please email me with the following information and we can coordinate how I can bring this unique offering to your event.  

  • Event description

  • Number of people

  • Date & time 

  • Any other information that you think may be relevant

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My experiences with Robin’s tarot readings have been insightful and inspiring. I was new to tarot and curious about it, and I really appreciated Robin’s laid-back yet knowledgeable approach. She takes her time to explain each card, how it applies to your situation, and checks in with you along the way. I now see tarot as a useful self-exploration tool and I’m excited to keep digging deeper. I’m glad I took notes during the readings—I still refer back to them! 

Kelly D.

Tarot with Robin was incredible! Her intuition, positive energy, and effortless ease made the experience so much more than I was expecting.

Robin checked in with you every step of the process to make sure the experience was fulfilling in a way that you desired. I learned so much about myself, made new discoveries, and had an incredible afternoon. Also, her home is immediately inviting and full of stunning details to put you right at ease. I talked about the experience with friends for weeks after. 10/10 recommend!

Lindsey M.

I have to admit I was nervous to receive a Tarot reading, but Robin immediately set me at ease. Her approach is gentle, and yet it brought me to many eye-opening moments, that I know will be transformational. She knows her stuff, including the psychology of the subconscious mind, which brings her reading to a level where you can feel the spirit and mind meeting.

Nadia S.

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